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Don’t choose a signature scent until you read Blendz & Blingz ultimate perfume selection tip.

Scents can be such a beautiful icebreaker and a fabulous conversation starter. In case no one has told you, some great friendships started from a single compliment; “You smell nice.” Is it not amazing how what might have passed as a mere compliment on a person’s fragrance can blossom in to a wonderful connection? Scents can open up that one conversation that could land you a big business deal or even pave ways to establishing a profitable partnership with a total stranger.

Discovering the power of scents helps people to be more careful to select a signature scent that highlights their personality and everything they represent. It is not enough that your scent makes your loved ones want to stay a little longer in your arms when you share hugs.  Great scents, fragrances and perfumes were designed to do a lot more.

Your scent can reveal several things about you. From your style, to your class, and to the fine details of your personality and guess what? So many people can read what your perfume says about you quite easily. Have you ever thought that scents could point people to who you really are, before you make an introduction? More often than you know, your fragrance is all the first impression you may have a chance to make. And you definitely want to make it so good, so classy, that it counts.

When it comes to choosing signature scents, many people wonder how everyone else found that one perfume. Well, there is no hard and fast rule to choosing your signature scent or personal perfume, but it is important to look out for one that speaks to you and correctly represents you. Your perfume should not be such as make you seem like a low-class individual when you are actually sophisticated and chic. It should read your citation in the most silent way but howbeit, correctly.

At Blendz & Blingz we always remind our customers that perfumes are not just body grooming items that should sit elegantly on dressing tables, remembered only in the last seconds before we hurry off for a meeting. Perfumes and scents introduce us, encapsulate memories, make us nostalgic, and help us build meaningful social or professional relationships.

Wondering what your current perfume says about you? Take a look at the Fragrance Wheel[Ehi-kowoi1]  and match your perfume notes with the categories on the wheel.

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